Volunteer Program

Call for Volunteers

The call for conference volunteers is now open! If you are a current SER member, either a student or recent graduate, apply today to volunteer at the SER North American Conference (SER NAC). Volunteers attend the conference for a reduced rate! Please note that non members are not eligible to volunteer at this time.

Volunteering FAQs

Who is eligible?

Volunteers must be current SER members, either students or recent graduates (in the past 5 years).

Why should I volunteer at SER NAC?

Volunteering at the SER NAC can refresh and increase your own knowledge and professional networks in the ecological restoration field. This includes skill building (e.g., communication, problem solving, teamwork), education & professional development, contribution to the restoration community, and networking. Volunteers also attend the conference for half the price of an early bird equity ticket (i.e., $300)!

What will I do as a volunteer?

Volunteers will assist with various tasks for 12 hours. Volunteers may be asked to help in advance of or during the conference, which runs between Oct 28 and Nov 1, 2024. Some of the volunteer tasks may include:

  • Preparing conference materials in advance
  • Helping with setup or teardown
  • Greeting and providing informational help
  • Staffing the registration desk
  • Supporting general conference logistics
  • Assisting with workshops and sessions
  • Assisting with field trips
  • Providing technical support (e.g., presentations)
  • Other important tasks that emerge
How do I apply?

Please complete the general volunteer application here to be considered as a volunteer.

Where do I get further information?

Send your questions to Sarah Ficko or Greg Ferguson, 2024 Volunteer Coordinators.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the 2024 SER North American Conference!

SER North American Conference